About Us

Our business began as a project of mine in order to stay sane after the tragic loss of our Son in 1987. My husband convinced me to go back to school & that made sense. I was still holding down a full time job, but was able to keep up with my schooling. My husband ate a lot of sandwiches & developed dish pan hands. Our daughter would visit & always tell me “Mom, you always have your head stuck in a book.” That’s the way life became for me. Shortly after my husband asked me “What are you going to do with your education?” I promptly told him “I’m going to start a business!” So our story unfolded and we opened a storefront with the expertise of our dear friend Barb Royle, our office manager, who had and still has a passion for sales & knows every aspect of the office supply business. She keeps us all in line!

Celebrating 26 Years of Service!